What is the biggest problem to manage in any organization with more than two people? What causes endless frustration and requires a great deal of time to resolve?

People problems! Performance issues! How many times have managers scratched their heads thinking, I can’t figure him/her out. Why aren’t they performing as well as I know they could? How often have you asked the same question—even about yourself ? The truth is, humans are an organization’s greatest asset and worst liability.

Motivated people can lift a struggling company to profitability and dysfunctional people can bring a great business to its knees. We humans are a puzzle. When all the pieces of our psyche are in the right place, we function at peak potential. Healthy emotions always lead to higher productivity, increased creativity, better working relationships, fewer disability days, lower staff turnover, and happier customers.

But when pieces are missing or out of place, then performance, attitude, and relationships suffer. Emotional disorders cause lower productivity, poor relationships, greater absenteeism, higher disability
insurance costs, and increased employee turnover. Mental health conditions are the primary and secondary diagnoses in sixty percent of disability insurance claims. Six percent of all employees
have a mood disorder.

Human resource problems of this nature can cost corporations billions. Can we reduce these problems even slightly, save companies millions of dollars, and improve people’s lives? The answer is simple! Of course we can—starting with managers who can help struggling people realize their full potential.

The Breakthrough Solution gives you tools not only to recognize and understand the human puzzle, but to take active steps in realizing your own potential and that of your staff.

The Breakthrough Solution reveals the cause of many productivity, attitude, and relationship problems that exist in every organization. It demonstrates an innovative and inexpensive way to unlock potential even in your most difficult employees.

Written in an easy-to-read, light-hearted fiction format, this unique instructional manual tells a humorous story about Crystal-Display—a high-tech manufacturer of leading-edge LCD monitors. Instead of seeing profits soar, the company is on the brink of insolvency. Through the eyes of Bill Spencer, a corporate trouble shooter, you will explore the inner workings of a totally dysfunctional organization. When Spencer eventually discovers a department that leads the company in productivity and performance, he
investigates and uncovers the reasons.

Whether you are a manager, supervisor, department head or an individual who wants to improve your own productivity, profitability, and quality of life, I am convinced you will find this book helpful. Suitable as a guide for group or individual study, The Breakthrough Solution can stimulate discussion and corrective action in any department that wants to become an emotionally healthy workplace and reach its peak potential.
Why am I so certain that this book holds answers to many workplace problems?

The Breakthrough Solution was born out of my twenty-six years as a mental health physician. In my counselling practice I saw thousands of dysfunctional individuals and families, and it led me to observe that people always take their personal problems to work. If they struggle with bad attitudes, depression, addictions, and bad relationships at home, they do so at work. Unhealthy dynamics from home are reproduced on a much grander scale in corporations. The workplace becomes a large dysfunctional family as people bring their personal emotional baggage with them.

My greatest satisfaction as a physician has been my ability to help people recognize and correct their emotional problems. As they recover, their performance and productivity at work improves. The Breakthrough Solution illustrates both the emotional handicaps that destroy organizations and the significant benefits businesses experience when they correct these problems. Let me encourage you to discover along with Bill Spencer how courageous leadership and a revolutionary management style can release the potential in employees and create a highly productive working environment.

Grant Mullen M.D.


...addresses in a fresh, non-threatening way, a serious problem affecting many people in business and other walks of life.


I highly recommend this book to any individual or organization that is
seeking a workable approach to the creation of balanced and creative management